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  • Dog Daycare FAQ

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    Why don't you accept all breeds?

    Due to insurance regulations most bully breeds and dogs over 75 LBS aren't accepted. We also specifically don't accept the following breeds. German Shepherd, Siberian Huskies, Pitbulls (any variation) and Wolves or wolf hybrids. 

    We are an open daycare center meaning we don't use crates or kennels to separate the dogs. We also accept smaller dogs so with that we don't accept larger dogs. Our restrictions are for the safety of all our members, the pups and our employees.

    Why are the hours for pick up and drop off so specific if the daycare is in operation?

    People and dogs coming and going at random times can be very disruptive to the structure and daily schedules of the dogs activities such as feedings, play time and nap time. By having specific drop off and pickup hours during the day we can provide the mental and physical stimulation, structured environment, and proper obedience that our clients value. 

    Do you have overnight?

    We do offer overnight for daily, weekly, or even long-term. Since our pricing structure is based on 12 hours, our dog boarding is called 24 hour daycare. You can have your dog stay with us for days, weeks, or months at a time! It's certainly better to be snuggling on the sofa than sitting in a kennel.

    Can I bring my dog's favorite toy?

    We do not allow toys, bones, beds, or any other personalized items to be brought into daycare. We have pack members that are avid chewers so we have to be very careful which toys are permitted into the daycare. We provide toys during dog daycare for our members to enjoy.

    Where does my dog sleep at night during 24 Hour Daycare?

    In our home, of course! Someone always stays the night with our guests so your dog is always cared for. We have a TV, sofa, bed, and lots of dog beds for late-night snuggling. It's like having a slumber party!

    Do you take all dogs?

    No. Our assessments are done during a full day of daycare. It gives us a chance to fully evaluate a dog in all areas such as behavior, sociability and temperament. Only 75% are accepted.

    Why are you so picky as to what dogs are accepted?

    Our number one goal at Lucy's is a safe well balanced environment for all our members. We are very specific on what's acceptable behavior to keep everyone safe and happy since we are an open daycare and boarding environment.

    What is your stance on puppies?

    We currently have 3 spots for puppies in the 6-8 month range. Generally puppies are housebroken, socialized and require mid day feedings. All puppies must be neutered to attend. The rate for puppies is the same as 2 dogs since the attention required for puppies is far greater than a 1 year old dog. Once the dog reaches 8 months usually the rate goes to the normal rates.

    How do you handle smaller dogs?

    The average size of our members is 20-60 Lbs.