Dog Daycare Requirements


Current Requirements for joining:

Neutered or Spayed

6 Months old

2 Day per week minimum attendance (average)*

Current Vaccinations  

Current weight limit: 40 Lbs

This can vary from 40-75 Lbs depending on our current member counts. If in doubt give us a call!

*We require 2 months of dog daycare attendance to qualify for dog boarding 

Following Breeds are not allowed to enroll in our program:

There is a 40 lb weight limit currently so we don't bother to list out the full breed list.

Pit Bulls (any variation)
Siberian Huskies
German Shepherds
Wolf (or crosses)  

We would love to accept all dogs into our program but unfortunately we can't due to insurance and town regulations as well as our preferences based on our years of experience and also our current pack number.. we do have limits.