Why Lucy's Dog Daycare?


At Lucy's one of our main goals is to have a clean sterilized environment for our members. All bowls, beds, toys, floors and outside grounds are disinfected daily using natural enzymes. 

Exercise and Socialization


At Lucy's the dogs have access to over 5,000 square feet of indoor/outdoor space at all times so plenty of space to get that energy out! At Lucy's there's always plenty of friends to socialize with even on the weekends! 



 At Lucy's we have sturdy beds and toys as well as air conditioned rooms and automatic watering dishes. We use soft flooring materials indoors as well as outdoors. We also have cameras on all areas the dogs have access to for customer viewing in the lobby.  

Structure and Discipline


At Lucy's we try to instill structure and discipline by doing things like sitting to enter and leave the daycare. We also work on ridding bad behaviors such as barking, whining, bullying, mounting and marking. 

Always open or available


Lucy's Dog Daycare is open 365 days a year. Even if we are technically closed we are here for you!  Once your enrolled we have you covered ANYTIME even if you need dog boarding. We are also flexible with pickup and drop off times as needed.

Professional experienced staff


At Lucy's we will offer advice for any issues you may be having from behavioral to digestive issues. Dogs are under 24 hour supervision so you can rest easy!